BĀBĀ ṬĀHIR, The Sufi Poet of Hamadan

In his foreword to the English translation of the poems of Bābā Ṭāhir ʿUryān, by Jamsetji E. Saklatwalla, A J. Arberry referred to Bābā Ṭāhir as a poet who “deserves to engage the applause of the world” no less than the great famous poet Umar Khayyām. Bābā Ṭāhir has, in fact, been venerated as a saint and a poet in Iran, particularly in his home town Hamadan, for centuries. The quatrains, in the form of du-baytī, attributed to him and recently sung by famous Persian traditional singers have made this legendary figure today one of the most popular poets in the history of Persian poetry. Aside from these quatrains, a whole book in Arabic on the science of Sufism (ʿilm at-taṣawwuf) has also been attributed to him. This book, entitled Kalimāt-i Bābā Ṭāhir or Ishārāt-i Bābā Ṭāhir (the aphorisms of Bābā Ṭāhir), is an original book on Sufism which proves its author to have been an educated Sufi master and not an illiterate poet. ...

بهای کتاب: ۳۰۰,۰۰۰ ریال
تعداد صفحه:۲۱۰ قیمت:۳۰۰,۰۰۰ ریال چاپ:دوم، ۱۳۹۷ نوع اثر:تالیف نوع جلد:گالینگور وزن:۴۰۰ گرم
ناشر:مجموعۀ تاریخ اندیشه
جلد:یکم شابک:‎۹۷۸۶۰۰۱۰۵۰۹۶۱‏ قطع:رقعی
:وب سایت  نظر شما

ناشر:فرهنگ معاصر
نویسنده:دکتر نصرالله پورجوادی
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